Babar Azam Break another Record Virat Kohli | Babar Azam new Record 2019

Babar Azam Break another Record Virat Kohli | Babar Azam new Record 2019 The national team's young batsman Babar Azam has become the second batsman for the over average in 2019. According to the details, this year, Pakistan's run-run machine was very impressive for Babar Azam, he played 189 in the first innings and 946 runs from 59.12. This year, Babar Azam is on the sixth list in the list of more batsmen making this year, he made 2 censures and 6 half centuries, he went out for 2 times. Kiwi captains Kevin Williamson scored 20 matches in 2019, with 2 scores and 6 half-century squad for 9.25 in the innings with 948 runs, Rohit Sharma has made 1204 runs in 22 innings in 22 innings, with 5 half centuries and 6th Fogger Ingredients KINGROZ captain Aryon Finch has made 1141 runs from 51.86 in 23 innings in 23 matches, making 4 censures and 6 half centuries. The Australian batsman Usman Khawaja has made 1085 runs with 8 half-batsmen and two runs in 22 matches. Indian captain Virat Kohli has made 1054 runs in 20 matches, he made 3-third figer innings and 6 half-centuries and his average was 55.47. New Zealand's Russia Taylor has made 943 runs in 20 innings in 20 innings, with a score of 55.47 in the highest runnersman's 7th, former Kiwi captain made 1-1 and 7 half centuries. Remember that due to the excellent performance of the World Cup in 2019, Babar Azam has reached the best career career, he is ranked third in the one-day rankings after Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.
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